Initially formed as darkspringxl, back in 2002, I started creating mash ups before moving on to doing lots of Depeche Mode remixes, but in 2010 I allowed my creative juices to flow and haven't looked back since.
As you can see from the list of remixes on this page I jump across genres.

I think of my style of remixing as 'recycling music and mixes', to create something new. I'm a huge fan of the classic 12" singles of the 1980's and remix services such as Razormaid, DMC and Hot Tracks.

I am open to collaboration on any projects you may have so please get in touch.

Any feedback is also welcome.


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Date Stamp (Black Sand Extension)

Adam F

Circles (Size Isn't Everything Mix)

A Dirty Mind Ft Countess M

Skin To Skin (Back To Front Mix)
Skin To Skin (Sandscape Mix)

A Flock Of Seagulls
Wishing {If I Had A Photograph Of You} (Black Sand Extension)


Big In Japan (Tinderbox's Lost In Translation Mix)

Altered Images
Dead Pop Stars (Black Sand Extension)

Anais Mitchell

Wedding Song (Black Sand Extension)

Jugular (Black Sand's Jagged Mix)

Animal Nightlife


Mr Solitaire (Black Sand Extension)

Assemblage 23
Sorry (Black Sand Extended Retro Shock

Art of Noise

Kiss (Tinderbox 7'' Remix)

Legs (The Painted Lipstick Mix)

Moments In Love (From Here To Eternity Mix)

Paranoimia ('Headroom' Recombined Mix)

Paranoimia (The Third Coming)

Paranoimia (Time Slip '89 Mix)

Snapshot (Longer Exposure)

The Legacy Mix


Art Of Noise Ft Duane Eddy

Peter Gunn (Black Sand Intro 09)


Really Saying Something (Desperate Hours Mix)
Venus (Alex In Wonderland Mix)

Bela Lugosi's Dead (Black Sand's Masked Ball Edit)

The Sanity Assassin (Black Sand Extension)

Bigod 20
The Bog (The Black Sand Remix)

The Biosphere Project

An Echo And A Stain (The Odd Duck Variation)

'Ethereal' - A Short Experimental Mix

Headphones (Hypnotic Bass Re-Edit)

Oxygen (More Vocal In The Jungle Mix)

Cruel (Black Sand Extension)

Running Thing (Black Sand Extension)

Boy George
Everything I Own (dxl's Simple Summer Mix)

Brandy And Monica
 The Boy Is Mine (Possesive Mix)

Britney Spears
Britney In The Blender (dxl Mix)

Bronski Beat
 Hit That Perfect Beat (Black Sand Remix)

 The darkspringxl Mix


Cabaret Voltaire
Jesus Saves (Black Sand's Beyond Salvation Mix)
China Crisis
 Arizona Sky (Black Sand Extension)
Chris And Cosey
Sin (Black Sand Extension)
Christina Aguilera
Dirty Fighting Beauty (Karmonic Klash)
Happy (Silent Poet Mix)
Doctorin' The House (A Gentically Engineered Mix)
Stop This Crazy Thing (dEadAnimal Remix)
Howie Livin' (Skin Trade Mix)
Black Mess (Black Sand's Parental Advisory Remix)

Cult Hero
 I Dig You (Black Sand Extension)


Justine (Black Sand Extension)

Dead Or Alive

Lover Come Back To Me (My Ever Changing Moods Mix)

The Stranger (Black Sand Extension)

You Spin Me Round (Bedtime Mix)


 Deap Vally

Baby I Call Hell (Black Sand Extension)

Death In June

Giddy Giddy Carousel (Black Sand Remix)

DJ Hell
 Listen To The Hiss (The Spank Spank Mix)

Double Trouble & The Rebel MC
  Street Tuff (Black Sand Remix)

Duran Duran
All She Wants Is (darkspringxl Mix Re-Edit)

Careless Memories (Black Sand Extension)

Dave Gahan (Lead Singer with Depeche Mode)

A Little Piece (Extended With Love Mix)
Deeper And Deeper (The darkspringxl Dub Re-Edit)
Dirty Sticky Floors (dxl's J.A.M. Replanned Dub)
Dirty Sticky Floors (The London Soho Instrumental)
Goodbye (The Two-Timing Lover Mix)
Goodbye (Unhinged Reality Version)
I Need You (Colorless Sand Chilled Mix)
I Need You (Colorless Sand Full Mix)
I Need You (Gabriel & Dresden Re-Plugged Edit)
Insoluble (The Dead Sea Mix)
Kingdom (In Da Shade Re-Edit)
Tomorrow (Black Sand Extension)
Dave Gahan & Junkie XL
Reload (Move Any Mountain Mix)

Depeche Mode

A Pain That I'm Used To (Anything But Easy Mix)

A Pain That I'm Used To (You Don't Know Jacques Mix)

A Question Of Lust (The Changing Tides Mix)

A Question Of Time (Fractured Reality Mix

And Then (All Fall Down Mix)

Angel (Shot Down In Flames Mix)

Any Second Now ('Knees 'N' Bumps' - dxl Re-Edit)

Any Second Now (Voices Inside My Head)

A Photograph Of You (Rose Tinted Mix)

Barrel Of A Gun (Spud Gun Mix)

Barrel Of A Gun (Velvet Hammer Mix)

Behind The Wheel (On The Road To Nowhere Mix)

Better Days (Fear The Future Mix)

Big Muff (Future Imperfect Mix)

Black Celebration (The Black Sand Mix)

Black Day (Dark Hug - Re-assembled By dxl Mix)

Blasphemous Rumours (Ambient Excusion)

Blasphemous Rumours (Untainted Sky Mix)

Blue Dress (Silencer Mix)

Boys Say Go (Black Sand Rough Re-Edit)

Boys Say Go (Combination Mix)

Breathe (dxl Re-Edits Fatherless Child)

Breathing In Fumes (Disorientated Mix)

But Not Tonight (Black Sand Extension)

Christmas Island (Sanitarium Mix)

Clean (Neon Heart Mix)

Comatose (Hangover Cure Mix)

Come Back (Black Sand's Altered State Mix)

Concert Mix v1

Condemnation (From The Pulpit Mix)

Corrupt (Finality Mix)

Dangerous (Granger Dub - The darkspringxl Remix)

Dangerous (Alternate Lake Tranquility Mix)

Dangerous (Lake Tranquility Mix)

Death's Door (Slow Foot Shuffle Mix)

Dirt (Trancendental Mix)

Dreaming Of Me (Black Sand Extension)

Dream On (Lost And Found Mix)

Dream On (The Never Ending Nightmare Mix)

Easy Tiger (The World Is Closing In Mix)

Enjoy The Silence (dxl Edits The Skinflutes)

Enjoy The Silence (Fingers And Toes Mix)

Everything Counts (Bas II Celebration Mix)

Everything Counts (Madness Mix)

Flexible (Infinity Mix)

Fragile Tension (Black Sand Distorted Remix)

Fly On The Windscreen (Final Thought Mix)

Freelove (dxl's 'Chorus' Re-Edit)

Freelove (Shattered Dreams Mix)

Freestate (Silencer Mix)

Further Excerpts From My Secret Garden (Vacant Smile Remix)

Get The Balance Right (Elemental Earth Mix)

Get Right With Me (EchoDeck Mix)

Goodnight Lovers (Distant Autumn Mix)

Halo (Fallen Angel Mix)

Happiest Girl (M-25 Orbital Resurface)

Headstar (Tears In The Rain Mix)

Higher Love (Deeper South Mix)

Higher Love (Excerpt From Sparkle's Ambient Dream)

Hole To Feed (Black Sand Extension)

Home (Silencer Mix)

Home (Snakebite Remix)

I Am You (You Are Me Mix)

I Feel Loved (The Bride Wore Black Mix)

I Feel You (Simple Triple Decker Mix)

I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (The Firechild Variation)

In Chains (Black Sand Remix)

In Sympathy (Basildon Coffee Club Mix)

In Your Memory (Random Access Mix)

In Your Room (Favourite Slave Mix)

Insight (OAF Mix)

It's Called A Heart (Dub Re-Edit)

It Doesn't Matter (Speedy House Revival Mix)

It Doesn't Matter Two (The Black Sand Remix)

It's No Good (DXL vs C69 Mix)

Jazz Thieves (Ultra Weird Re-Edit)

Jezebel (TenFingersMix)

John The Revelator (Tiefschwarz PowerDub By darkspringxl)

Judas (Unforgiven Mix)

Just Can't Get Enough (The Dark Kiss Remix)

Leave In Silence (Bleed In Violence Mix)

Lie To Me (Deception Mix)

Lie To Me (Deception Vox)

Lillian (Drowning By The River Mix)

Little 15 (The Swamp Mix)

Little Soul (Black Sand Carnival Bass Mix)

Love In Itself (Infected Mix)

Lovetheme (Kisses At Bedtime Mix)

Macro (Komodo Dragon Remix)

Master And Servant (Slap And Tickle Mix)

Master And Servant (Twister Mix)

Mercy In You (A Life Cut Short Mix)

Mercy In You (Old School New School Mix)

Miles Away - The Truth Is (Alpha Mix)

Monument (The Fourth Column Mix)

More Than A Party (Run On The Spot Mix)

My Secret Garden (Black Sand Extension)

Never Let Me Down Again (Black Sand's Fractured Remix)

Never Let Me Down Again (The Voxless Mix)

New Life (Old Bones Mix)

New Life (The Grass Is Always Greener Mix)

Newborn (Altered State Mix)

No Disco (Black Sand Mashes The Skinflutes Tribute)

No Disco (Ocsid On Mix)

No Disco (The Maypole Mix)

Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself Mix)

Nothing To Fear (Valkyrie Mix)

Oh Well (The Odyssey Variation By Silent Poet)

One Caress (Electronic Cathedral Mix)

Only When I Lose Myself (Southern Swamp Mix)

Painkiller (Wrong Solution Mix)

Peace (Chemical Interference Dub Mix)

People Are People (Dark Water Remix)

Perfect (Black Sand Extension)

Personal Jesus (Maas Effect Pump Edit)

Personal Jesus (Silent Poet Mix)

Personal Jesus (The Devil's Candy Mix)

Personal Jesus (The Devil's Candy 2011)

Personal Jesus (Trentmoller Re-Dub)

Photographic (Not So Bizarre Mix)

Pleasure, Little Treasure (Exodus Bass Mix)

Policy Of Truth (Trancentral Variant Re-Edit)

Policy Of Truth (Yesterday Tribute Re-Edit)

Precious (The Black Widow Mix)

Puppets (The Paradise Island Mix)

Route 66 (Black Sand Routemaster Edit)

Rush (Anti-Matter Mix)

Satellite (Solar Wind Mix)

See You (Black Sand Extension)

Shake The Disease (The Late Night Clinic Mix)

Shame (Farewell Alice Edit's The Landscape)

Shine (Brighter Than The Sun Mix)

Should Be Higher (Tapped Vein Mix)

Shouldn't Have Done That (Minimalist March Mix)

Sibeling (Innocence Lost Mix)

Sister Of Night (Silencer Mix)

Something To Do (Battered And Bruised Mix)

Sometimes (Below Zero Mix)

Sometimes (Voices From The Spirit World Mix)

Spacewalker (Warped Mix)

St{Ripped} New Dress (dxl Re-Imagining)

Strangelove (Clementine Mix)

Strangelove (dxl Re-Edits Axis)

Suffer Well (Mirror Universe Mix)

Sweetest Perfection (Silencer Mix)

The Bottom Line (Enchanted Trance Variation)

The Darkest Star (Devil's Companion Mix)

The Dead Of Night (Turkish Delight Mix)

The Great Outdoors (Tubular Mix)

The Meaning Of Love (Fairly Normal Mix)

The Love Thieves (Unhinged Beats Mix)

The Sun And The Rainfall (808 vs 909 Remix)

The Sweetest Condition (Silencer Mix)

To Have And To Hold (Extended Spanish Misinterpretation)

Tora ! Tora ! Tora ! (Sustained Attack)

Two Minute Warning (Ticking Clock Mix)

Useless (Affirmation Mix)

Uselink (Dial-up Connection Mix)

Uselink (How Things Work Mix)

Waiting For The Night (Eternal Darkness Mix)

Walking In My Shoes (Faithless Mix)

What's Your Name (Black Sand Extension)

When The Body Speaks (Actions Speak Louder Mix)

Work Hard (Out-Of-Phaze-Mix)

World Full Of Nothing (Lost And Lonely Mix)

World In My Eyes (Black Acid Revelation)

Wrong (Black Sand Does Duke Re-Edit)

Zenstation (Zero One Mix)

Depeche Mode V David Byrne -  Your Lazy Personal Jesus


Electro Assassin

 Toxic Shock (Black Sand Extension)



Here Comes The Rain Again (Taylor Made Mix)

Here Comes The Rain Again (Taylor Made No Rap Mix)

Love Is A Stranger (darkspringxl Mix Re-Edit)

Take Me To Your Heart (Black Sand Extension)


 Everything But The Girl
Five Fathoms (darkspringxl Mix Re-Edit)


Breathe (Black Sand Remix)
Breathe (Exhalation Mix)
Breathe (Gasping For Air Mix)
Breathe (There's More To Life Mix)
Breathe (Tinderbox Variation)
Chains Of Love (Black Sand's True Dub)
Leave Me To Bleed (Black Sand 7'' Remix)
Leave Me To Bleed (Black Sand Extension)
Less Than Innocent Megamix
Push Me Shove Me (Push Me, Pull You Mix)
River Deep Mountain High (Black Sand Re-Edit)
Senseless (Through The Looking Glass Mix)
Sometimes (The Big Top Remix)
Victim Of Love (The Perfect Kiss Mix)


Fad Gadget

Lady Shave (Black Sand Extension)


Another Dead Boy (The Black Sand Mix)

Fall Of Saigon

Visions (Black Sand Extension)

Farley Jackmaster Funk
Love Can't Turn Around (Black Sand Dub Mix)

Fatboy Slim 

Champion Sound (M-Factor Trance Re-Edit)

Right Here, Right Now (Audionemesis Mix)

Fields Of The Nephilim
The Watchman (Black Sand Extension)

Emerge (Black Sand Extension)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

 Rage Hard (The Black Sand Remix)

Relax (The Black Sand Remix)

Two Tribes (The Coldest War Mix)

War (The Vox Populi Remix)

Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Life On Earth Mix)

Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Remembering The Eighties Mix)

Friends Again

 Sunkissed (The Brighton Beach Mix)

Frontline Assembly

 Caustic Convergance Mix

Digital Tension Dementia (Black Sand Extension)

Killing Grounds (Retro-Active Sound Master)

Fun Boy Three Ft Bananarama

 It Ain't What You Do (Tribal Beat Mix)